Zap Bug Eliminator with a laser

Mosquitoes are seen as an almost universal negative, at least in human life. Although they serve as a source of food for many other animals and can even pollinate some plants, they also carry diseases such as malaria and zika, not to mention itchy bites. Various mosquito repellents have been developed over the years to solve some of these problems, but one of the more interesting is the project. [Ildaron] Which attempts to create a mosquito-tracking laser.

The device uses a neural learning algorithm to detect nearby flying mosquitoes. Once a mosquito is detected, a laser aims at it and activates it to “thermally neutralize” the insect. In addition to the control system, neural networks and machine learning are hosted on a Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano which gives it a lot of computing power. The only major disadvantage of this particular project is that high-powered lasers can be harmful to humans as well.

Ideally, this would reduce the market value of such devices, even through the use of some specially developed ASICs for these mosquito-targeting machines. Of these, [Ildaron] This project is available for replication on its GitHub page. We’ve seen similar builds before that work against non-flying insects, so it’s only a matter of time before they become more widely accepted – either that day or the Day of Judgment!

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